Washington D.C. Embassy of Ivory Coast

While working for the Washington D.C. Embassy of the Ivory Coast, Lanny Davis did not represent or ever talk to the military strongman, Laurent Gbagbo. His work for the Embassy lasted for ten days in December 2012 in close cooperation and support of the State Department West African Assistant Secretary of State. As has been publicly reported in the New York Times, Lanny Davis was asked by the Assistant Secretary of State for West Africa to try to facilitate a phone call by President Barack Obama to Gbagbo to get him out of the country and avoid bloodshed and save lives.

When Gbagbo would not accept that phone call, within ten days Lanny sent in a letter of resignation, making public for the first time his true role, which he was required to play behind the scenes.

See link to that letter which was posted on the New York Times website as well:

Letter of resignation

On January 1, 2011, the official spokesman of the US State Department, P.J. Crowley, publicly acknowledged that Mr. Davis’ role was “helpful,” issuing the statement to Politico.com.

See link to Statement by P.J. Crowley:

Statement by P.J. Crowley at the State Department